Why did you get rejected in Fractal Analytics interview?

Reasons why you could get rejected for a position in Fractal Analytics:

  • You must show your ability to perform the duties of the position you are applying for. Even an entry-level job will necessitate a foundation of knowledge and experience.
    Your application will easily fall through the cracks if you apply to a position with little to no real work experience to back up the skills listed on your résumé.

  • You put yourself at risk of making humiliating mistakes if you don’t pay close attention to the job title. You also run the danger of spending time applying for jobs you’re not qualified for or even want. You’re also limited to a copy-and-paste cv, which hiring managers are well-versed in.

  • Most data careers, particularly entry-level roles, are in high demand. In an extremely competitive employment market, an overly wide and generic resume will not stand a chance.

  • When a resume displays numerous job changes or significant gaps between jobs, many employers consider it a “red flag.” While having either of these on your CV isn’t always a deal-breaker, there are several things you can do to take full advantage of it — or even utilize it to your favor.