Why Choose Comodo Advanced Endpoint Protection?

Comodo Advanced Endpoint Protection is far from traditional anti malware. It is an advanced security software designed to protect the endpoint devices and network with its multi-layered security. Comodo Advanced Endpoint Protection is installed on the central server so it can monitor the endpoint devices and network activities.

So if spyware reaches any of the endpoint device, the security software will instantly detect it and notify the other endpoint devices for immediate protection.The complete details of the threat is recorded including the malware distribution method to make the other users aware.

Comodo Advanced Endpoint Protection is also equipped with the Auto-Containment system that automatically contains suspicious and unknown files. Since spyware can pretend to be a legitimate software to get into the computer, having a security feature that instantly denies an untrusted file access is essential. The Auto-Containment feature never waits until the file displays a malicious behavior, rather it runs it within a virtual container, and once it’s verified safe it’s released from the sandbox. Other sandbox technologies allow an untrusted file then contains it, this may result in a malware infection.

Due to the proliferation of fileless malware, Comodo developed a fileless malware defense system that is designed to monitor the computer memory and registry. Fileless malware targets the computer memory and registry to evade detection and once it’s gain access to the memory, it can be very difficult to remove. But with HIPS or Host Intrusion Prevention System, the computer memory and registry is free of unauthorized modification. It also protects the keyboard against direct access. Keylogger is a type of spyware that tracks and records keystrokes.

Comodo Advanced Endpoint Protection can instantly detect and remove spyware because it is designed against the new age malware. But don’t wait until sophisticated types of malware infects the computer. Download Advanced Endpoint Protection for complete malware protection.