Why Are You Interested in This Company?

This is when you connect those dots between your career goals and the company. You should show your interviewer that you’ve done your research Always check out the company’s website and social media for insight and take the time to make sure your professional goals and values align with the company’s. For example, is one of your goals to work with a specific company size or industry? Have you been fascinated by this organization’s approach? Are you passionate about their mission? If so, you will want to share that during your interview.

Not only should you speak to how the company is aligned with your goals, but you can also reiterate how your experience is ultimately the best fit for what they are looking for in a candidate.

This might sound like this:

“I’m interested in working for the XYZ Art Museum because I’ve long been passionate about art—art history was my minor in college!—and would be so excited to have the chance to bring my accounting skills into an environment where everyone is similarly enthusiastic about the visual arts and uses their expertise (whether they’re curators or accountants like me) to advance this mission of introducing more people to modern art. I’ve worked at a couple of large nonprofit organizations that function similarly to a museum and spent a few years volunteering at ABC Museum’s outreach events back when I lived in Chicago—which only makes me more certain this would be an environment where I could thrive and contribute.”

The best way to answer this question is try to connect you past achievements or moment with the role offered by company. Do research about company and the role offering to you, what exited you most about company or the role you are interviewing for. Try to connect that with your past work or some achievement or the thing you are best in. Make a story around it and give your answer. Always try to make story for such question as it is one of the key factor for your being selected for company.

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