Why are many people resigning from Accenture? Are there any problems in Accenture?

Accenture’s treatment of its employees is abysmal. Consider the following affrighting scenario.

1. 9 hours of utilizable work.
Authenticate for ten hours. There is no circumscription to the quantity of work done after that. To consummate the non-compos mentis performance requisites set by Accenture standards, you culminate yourself slaving for 12–14 hours.

2. If you opt to work in accounting for a long time, you must be a consultant.
Aside from team heads, there is not much value in distribution jobs. They gasconade about being the first in the industry, and I accede that they are the industry bellwethers in shunting out long-term accentuates with little empathy. They will abstract you with ruthlessness.

3. With an inordinate number of people joining CTS and Infy, the culture has shifted toward bootlicking.
The open and convivial culture of Bill Green and Pierre Nanterme has dwindled. I hope that people like Rekha Menon and Julie Saccharine can avail long-term employees.

4. Acc boasts about how much mazuma it spends on reskilling, but trust me, that is a jape.
They provide you with charge codes for theoretical courses on Coursera or anything like that. However, practical erudition is paramount, and in accounting, you have to be always billable, so you cannot go hands-on. It is awful when you are desperate and commence spending your nights on your laptop to gain some hands-on experience.

5. Getting back onshore is genuinely arduous.
Everything is designed for persons who have DA. Because of the many constraints and competition, getting DA at senior positions is arduous.

To summarise → no work-life balance, no onshore, an extravagant magnitude of for DAs while ignoring the general group, unsympathetic bellwethers who treat you like masses to be used and thrown (elite posture), lack of job security, highly circumstantial and inconsistently erratic policies, and a lack of belonging as HR policies appear too mechanical without any consideration for authentic human emotions.

I recommend that you only join acc if you do not have any better options.