Who uses Python today?

The short answer: millions of developers, along with a lot of other folks. A 2019 estimate put the number of Python developers at 8.2 million. StackOverflow’s 2020 developer survey ranks Python as one of the most popular and widely-used languages among developers. And as of April 2021, Indeed.com is listing nearly 100,000 open jobs that require Python.

Of course, there are also quite a lot of people who use Python that wouldn’t be captured by these sorts of statistics and surveys. Python isn’t just used by developers! It’s used by marketers, researchers, data scientists, kids, hobbyists, IT professionals, and all sorts of other people. You don’t have to make your entire living writing Python to get some real benefits from learning it!

At a professional level, though, Python is very useful.

What companies use Python?

Here’s just a short list of a few of the companies that use Python:

  1. Google and subsidiaries like Youtube use Python for a wide variety of things. In fact, Youtube was built using mostly Python!
  2. Industrial Light and Magic , the company behind the special effects of Star Wars and hundreds of other films, has been using Python for years for its CGI and lighting work.
  3. Facebook and subsidiaries like Instagram use Python for various elements of their infrastructure. Instagram is built entirely using Python and its Django framework.
  4. iRobot , the folks who make the Roomba vacuum, use Python to develop the software for their robots.
  5. NASA and associated institutions like the Jet Propulsion Lab use Python for research and scientific purposes.
  6. Netflix uses Python for server-side data analysis and for a wide variety of back-end apps that help keep the massive streaming service online.
  7. Reddit runs on Python and its web.py framework.
  8. IBM , Intel , and a variety of other hardware companies use Python for hardware testing.
  9. Chase , Goldman Sachs , and many other financial firms use Python for financial analysis and market forecasting.
  10. Quora is yet another huge social media platform that’s built using lots of Python.

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg! In fact, these days most large companies are probably using Python at some level.