Who is Securities Dealer, its Roles, and Responsibility

Who is a securities dealer?
Securities dealers work closely with stock exchanges and play a central role between stocks and clients. You can climb Wall Street by becoming a trader and finding employment in anything from small to large companies.

Obligations and Responsibilities
Stockbrokers buy and sell stock and other commodities on behalf of companies and individual clients in exchange for commissions. However, professional duties include bidding, keeping records, monitoring and assessing stock market trends and changes, developing strategies, building relationships with clients, exploring investment options, discussing with clients, and cooperating. included. Other traders discussing the market. In addition to accreditation,

A degree in finance, accounting, or economics helps secure employment in the areas of securities, equities, and fixed income. Some universities offer accounting, finance, and economics courses that train you in the nature of working as a securities trader and make you familiar with the stock market. Many programs provide a real environment so you can feel what it looks like in the trading world. An important aspect of your personality to succeed in this job is good communication skills, teamwork, and a high willingness to take risks.

Key Skills Required: Analytical, research, and record-keeping skills