Who is a Purchasing Manager?

The procurement/purchasing manager is in charge of purchasing/approving the acquisition of goods and services that the organization requires for creating finished products to sell in the market. This can include raw materials for production, manufacturing facilities and equipment, basic supplies for the organization, and even marketing services. Few key responsibilities of a purchasing manager include the following:
• Obtaining the best price and value for goods and services
• Understanding and adhering to changing business trends and rules
• Collaboration with suppliers to ensure that essential operations run smoothly and efficiently.
• To develop a streamlined process and short manufacturing periods, any waste and excessive costs must be eliminated.
• Internally and with important suppliers, developing strong working ties
• Suppliers, manufacturers, relevant corporate departments, and customers are all contacted.
• Management and negotiation of contracts with domestic as well as international suppliers.
• Understanding technology and managing online platforms like e-auctions and e-tendering are important skills to have.