Who is a junior NLP engineer?

• NLP is experiencing a renaissance in popularity. This implies that a motivated and devoted NLP Engineer can further their career by demonstrating that they are vital to their employer in their current position.
• Junior NLP engineers have exhibited increasing competency with NLP tools, techniques, and means.
• They are most likely part of a team of NLP Engineers who use a variety of methodologies to develop practical applications for natural language processing.
• Their objective is to take raw language input and enhance it with linguistic algorithms so that it has more value.
• Content classification, subject discovery and modelling, contextual extraction, sentiment analysis, speech-to-text and text-to-speech conversions, document summarising, and machine translation are all tasks that NLP engineers perform on a regular basis to achieve their aim.
• A junior NLP Engineer may be responsible for directing an NLP team or managing a specific component of NLP work to assist projects run more smoothly, depending on the business.