Who is a Data Engineer?

A data engineer is an IT professional whose major responsibility is to arrange data for analytical or operational purposes. These computer scientists are frequently in charge of developing data pipelines that link data from multiple source systems. Before structuring data for use in analytics applications, they integrate, consolidate, and purify it. They want to make data more accessible and maximize their company’s big data environment.

Data engineers are typically in charge of inventing algorithms to make raw data more accessible, but in able to do just that, one must first know the firm’s or project’s needs. While collecting and analyzing data, it is vital to align business objectives, especially for companies dealing with large and complex information and databases.

The volume of data an engineer works with changes based on the business, particularly its size. The more complicated the analytics architecture and the more data the engineer is accountable for, the larger the organization. Certain businesses, such as healthcare, retail, and finance, are more data-intensive.

The Data Engineer mission is to make data accessible and secure, primarily to data scientists and analysts, so that they can analyze it.

The Data Engineer creates and maintains pipelines (ETL processes) that extracts and loads real time / batch data, to gather information from different data sources.

At the same time, is in charge of developing the solutions that will allow to quickly store and organize this large amount of data to make its usable, and also meet any challenge to ensure the quality and security of data.