Who is a Data Analyst?

Data analyst, in my opinion, is a function that can be filled at any time. Data analyst is a technological position in certain firms, while it is a non-technical role in others.

Getting to the bottom of a Data Analyst’s responsibilities. This individual is responsible for obtaining relevant data from data sources such as Excel, Access, SQL, the cloud, and Hadoop. After that, he must provide reports for the boss or customer.

Data Analysts convert data into useful information for the firm. The results are subsequently analysed and disseminated to the appropriate corporate members. Identifying trends and patterns in data sets Identifying company needs with the help of internal teams or the management team.

The following are the actions that Data Analysts take:

1- Collect information.

2- Recognize the significance of data.

3- Correct Data

4-Transform Data in a different format.

5- Make Data Visual.