Who are the top recruiters of HR personnel in India?

Who recruits the recruiters? Having a skilled and efficient HR personnel at the disposal of the company to handle all of its requirements and issues with the workforce management, right from recruiting, training, onboarding and staffing to performance review and compensation, is a very vital and integral part of their core structure.
So, it is natural that the top organizations of the field manage and implement their talent acquisition programs to pick the best available talent in the field of Human Resources very seriously.
Some of the top recruiters of MBA graduates in the field of Human Resources Management in India are as follows, based on various observations:

  1. KPMG:

Known around the world for their auditory, advisory and tax services, KPMG offers its expertise in various sectors, advising people on the basis of risk assessments and on matters of finance and business.

  1. Reliance:

One of the biggest corporate names in India, with its hands into sectors like telecommunication, oil and natural gas, textiles, pharmaceuticals and variety of others, it is natural that Reliance would require a lot of skilled people in its workforce and to recruit and train them, a robust and large team of Human Resources expertise.

  1. Wipro:

A company with its foothold in both Technology and FMCG, Wipro needs to acquire talent from all sorts of field and background, and to plan this process, first and foremost, an HR team that can plan and execute the whole process.

  1. Deutsche Bank:

One of the most well-known faces in the banking world around the world, the Deutsche Bank offers services in financial products and services, mergers, acquisitions, wealth and fund management and many more. With such a vast portfolio and nations to cover, they are need of HR managers who can plan their workforce most efficiently according to requirements.

  1. L’oreal:

One of the most famous skin and personal care brands of all times, L’oreal happens to be an organization that treats the requirements of its customers seriously, and spends very heavily on research and development and the marketing campaigns to reach out to its potential customer base. It is quite evident that they need an efficient workforce to take care of this and hence, a top notch HR team to plan the workforce management.

  1. L&T:

A company with a profile that encompasses infrastructure, design and development, financial services and information technology, L&T keeps a strong HR team to manage their workforce operations and planning.

  1. Infosys:

One of the flagbearers of the successful story of the Indian IT boom, Infosys is one of the mass recruiters in the field and spends heavily on training and upskilling of its employees. Goes without saying that they have a very sound HR team at place that itself needs a lot of upgradation and fresh talent more often than not.

  1. PepsiCo:

Taking on the empire of Coca Cola is a tough job. Ask PepsiCo, the second biggest beverage brand in the world , with a range of products which encompass more than beverages and venture into a whole lot of agricultural products. Operations of such a huge giant need to be supported with a strong HR team that takes care of its workforce management.

  1. Aditya Birla Group:

Another Industrial giant of the India Inc, the Aditya Birla Group is into all types of sectors, from mining, to chemicals to telecommunication to agribusiness. As it looks, the workforce management needs to be on spot, managing all the sectors on an overall plus industry specific level.