Which stream should one chose if they want to become an NLP engineer?

• Aspiring NLP Engineers have a variety of educational backgrounds, but many have a degree in computer science, mathematics, or statistics.
• When they enter the workforce, some have a bachelor’s degree, while others have completed a Ph.D., polishing their research methods in an academic context before entering the workforce.
• Because NLP is becoming more popular in a variety of sectors, it is critical for an aspiring NLP Engineer to choose their area of interest and get relevant experience in that field before applying for a job.
• NLP is being applied in places other than the IT business, including the healthcare field to make medical record searches faster and more complete, the legal field to aid in the investigation of relevant legal documents, and financial institutions to reduce fraud risk.
• NLP engineers may want to work in these or other sectors, thus learning how your work in NLP might benefit a specific field and having expertise in that field can help you further your career.