Which should I go for TCS or Fractal analytics?

First, yes, they hire business analysts. However, there is a strict process
This has to do with Fractal Analytics. Workplace Culture
First, submit your application via the Career Page or Reference (a faster process).

  • Write a professional resume.
  • You will be asked in one of the rounds, so just write down what you are sure of.
  • Depending on your resume, you will not be able to receive additional verification calls or letters after submitting your resume.
  • if you are called for a second interview, you go through 4 rounds:
    The job interview questions can include logic and reasoning, quantitative questions, case studies, and other topics.

The will allow some applicants to receive on-site results during the one-hour round.

The position of a business analyst carries responsibility and requires significant intelligence to hold one. So the process is difficult, but the job is rewarding.