Which shells are used in Linux?

The shells used in Linux are:

  1. bash: Bourne again shell is the default for Linux distributions
  2. ksh: Korn shell is a high-level programming shell that supports associative arrays and built-in operations
  3. csh: C shell does spelling corrections and job control
  4. zsh: Z shell provides unique features like filename generation, startup files, etc.
  5. fish: Friendly interactive shell which provides features like auto-suggestions, configurations

Linux Shell is a command interpreter which means it interpret user commands or program from standard input to kernel and give output of processed user command or program to standard output (console or file). Linux Shell itself is a more powerful program as it mostly support C type constructs like conditional execution, loops, variables, functions and many more.

Linux support many Opensource and Unix shells but by default it support below shells in mostly Linux distros:

  • sh Shell.
  • Bash Shell.
  • Korn Shell.
  • Zsh Shell.
  • Tcsh Shell.
  • Fish Shell.