Which seasons of the year are the toughest for your job?

Awesome question—this shows a lot of forethought in your early years! Busy seasons can vary greatly depending on different factors like the industry you work in (technology, retail, agriculture, construction, etc.) and whether your company is focused on selling to other businesses (B2B) or to the direct consumer (B2C), etc…

Busy times of the year can also depend on which area of business you go into (Marketing, Finance, HR, Sales, Operations, etc.).

For example, Sales for a tech company (B2B) business may slow down around the holidays because buyers are pre-occupied with their end of year business goals and could be out of the office on vacation. Alternatively, if you’re in Sales for a retail company (B2C), the holidays could be your busiest because people are spending more than usual on gifts.

For Marketing, I’d say it varies more based on the industry that you’re in. If you’re working for a tax firm, January-April could be your busiest time. Or if your company produces school supplies, it could be more hectic closer to end of July-September. I work in tech and I’d say we’re pretty busy year-round, but we have generous vacation time to take when we need some time out of the office.

It’s smart to think ahead and try to find an industry and profession that has busy seasons that complement your personal life so you don’t experience burn out. If you know you love to travel in the summer, find a job that may be a bit busier in the winter