Which roles does KPMG hire in campus recruitment?

Audit Risk Management

  • The system is also intended to ensure adherence to applicable rules and regulations. The risk management and internal control system of the Company is intended to identify risks in connection to the fulfilment of business objectives and to provide appropriate risk responses.

Business Analyst

  • Business analysts discover areas of the business that can be improved in order to increase efficiency and strengthen business processes. They frequently collaborate with colleagues at all levels of the business to discuss their findings and assist execute improvements.

GCP Data Engineer

  • A GCP Data Engineer’s role and responsibilities are to design, create, operationalize, protect, and monitor data processing systems in the Google Cloud Platform. Pre-existing machine learning models can be leveraged, deployed, and constantly trained. Improve internal processes by identifying, designing, and implementing improvements.

Associate Consultant

  • An associate consultant assists the consulting team during the various stages of a project. The following obligations may be assigned to the role: Interviewing clients to determine their needs and to establish confidence. Evaluating project requirements in light of customer specifications.