Which Resume Writing Service To Select?

There are many professional resume writers and services in the market; selecting the right one is always a concern. You would not want to pay money and not get the result, so you must be careful when choosing a service or writer. We have three well-known resume writing services compared for you – Avon Resumes, Get Set Resumes and Write Right Resumes.


When selecting a service, it is essential to know how long they have been in the business, reflecting their relevance in the market.

  • Avon: 19 plus years
  • GetSet: 10 years
  • Write Right: 10 plus years

While both Avon and GetSet are dedicated resume writing service providers, Write Right is into other writing businesses as well. They also provide creative writing, ghostwriting, Social Media writing, blog writing, Email, SOP, Website writing services. Furthermore, their website mentions they have a team of more than 50 professional writers to provide the service.

Satisfied Clients

One of the most effective ways to assess a service’s performance is to go through their reviews, testimonials, and the number of satisfied clients.

  • Avon: 24,322 plus
  • GetSet: 1,679
  • Write Right: 1,200 plus

Avon has the highest successful client number compared to the other two service providers, but the latter two have been in the business for less time also needs to be taken into account. Furthermore, Write Right specializes in SEO optimization, which means they know how to use keywords in every field of writing to warrant the client’s success.


This is one aspect that often becomes a deterrent in selecting a service. As mentioned earlier, it is better to spend money on creating an effective resume than wasting time and money on losing content. While Avon and GetSet highlight their packages and pricing plans depending on the services you take, Write Right asks you to contact them. The latter does not mention the pricing plan because they prefer to customize the resume after having an in-depth understanding and requirement of the client.


All three service providers are professional resume writing companies. All three provide direct contact with the person writing your resume; what sets Write Right apart is that the company is owned by Bhavik Sarkhedi, one of the topmost content writers in the world.

Since it is firm attaining the highest quality of writing is assured with Write Right. While Avon and GetSet do not highlight the company’s owner, Write Right puts the man behind the organization in the center to ensure the clients of the work’s excellence.


All three service providers offer national and international resume writing on all possible platforms, like LinkedIn, cover letters, and visual resumes. Write Right, however, specializes in CXO Resume too. So, if you are looking to leap to the managerial position, this is the resume you should be building on to get the top-level management job.

It is apparent that all three are leading resume writing firms in India, and depending on your budget and the kind of resume you want, the selection must be made.

Wrapping It Up

Irrespective of which service provider you select, it is vital as a client that you do your homework, that is, go through each of their websites to know the services they offer because all resumes are not the same. Also, take time to go through the testimonials and reviews. Then, talk with the resume writer in detail, and do not settle until you get the proper resume that fits your requirement.