Which resume format should I use?

This could be the most perplexing of all the frequent resume inquiries. The chronological, functional, and hybrid (or “combination”) resume forms are the most frequent. Several things influence your decision.

Functional resumes focus primarily on your accomplishments and experience, excluding dates totally, which I’ve previously stated is not a good idea. As a result, some job searchers will opt for hybrid resumes instead. When seeking to change jobs, this structure appears to make a lot of sense because you want to stress transferable talents. Many recruiters, on the other hand, detest combination resume styles for the same reason they detest functional resume forms: they want a resume with clear employment dates. As a result, nearly often, a (reverse) chronological resume is the sole option.
The chronological arrangement allows an employer to immediately examine your work history by listing your current or most recent employment first. You can add any seasonal or temp job you’ve done, any schooling you’ve pursued, or volunteer experience you’ve obtained during your time out of work if you’ve previously explained it on your resume.

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