Which one is effective Facebook ads or Google Adwords?

Facebook is one of the most visited websites on earth. With massive traffic, multiple demographics, and a clear focus point, Facebook ads are an effective tool to target users based on their interests.

What does it mean? This basically means that if you want your content to be seen by people who like “The Terminator”, then a Facebook ad can do it for you, and this way you will only pay when someone actually visits your page. It’s also very easy to create the actual ad – all you have to do is write the top and bottom line with some cool images, choose what will be shown in the News Feed of the user (if any), and name your price. That simple!

Google Adwords, on the other hand, has been around much longer than Facebook ads. It is also considered to be the most comprehensive search engine, which collects and sorts all information on its own “database”. The good thing about Adwords is that it’s a global campaign – people from any country in the world can visit Google every day. So if your content interests everyone, chances are higher that someone will look for it with a help of Google search technology.

But finding out which platform will give you the best result – Facebook or Google? There is not really one definite answer to this question (and we wouldn’t like to pick), but here’s some info that might help you decide more easily:

Facebook Ads vs Google Adwords
Advantages of Facebook
• A lot of information is available.
• Easy to create an ad.
• Price depends on the action (click, name, photo, etc.).
• You can use targeting to reach your customers based on their profiles.

Advantages of Google Adwords
• A search engine – huge traffic and exposure for keywords; it finds people who are interested in finding content related to your selection criteria.
• Full control over the account: all statistics are available and you easily find out what works better for you; accounts built by specialists give you much more possibilities than the free version does.

But there’s one thing that needs to be mentioned here – these two platforms are not rivals or enemies! If used correctly, they can work together to deliver better results. If Facebook ads are visible only for the selected audience (no matter if it’s country-based or interests-based), then Google Adwords can be used to attract people who haven’t seen your Facebook ad and didn’t follow any links on your site yet – this way, you will reach more people than just those who found your content via ads!

There is no reason why you should choose which one of these two tools is better – they have different ways of working and creating a complete strategy for both of them will give you the best result! So what do we recommend? Try both methods out and find a combination that works perfectly for you.