Which offer to accept | Data Analyst / Scientist fresher

With the current market trend, after the initial stressful period of learning plus interviews and preparation is over, most candidates are fortunate to receive offers from multiple companies. Which one should you prefer?

Example scenario for a fresher:
Offer1: Salary of 4.5 lpa of company 1
Offer2: Salary of 8 lpa of company 2

There’ s no clear perspective, but following is my opinion:

There’s more to money than salary. Look out what company 1 and company 2 do. As a fresher, just ignore CTC, as long as it is enough for you to survive. Look at what the company do, are there senior data scientist and analysts there? Learning is the most invaluable thing at the start of the career. Supposing you choose company 2, but there you will be the only data scientist at a startup, chances are that you will end up struggling to explain poor precision for a model probably “worth it” to build. It’s definitely crucial to understand the business, but it could come once you have foundation over full data science cycle.

So look out for the company, company’s reputation in job security (learning and then implementing takes time, and if you are good with academics, doesn’t mean you will rock at job from day 1, so you’d like a less lenient employer who is not firing agressively), who you are likely to report, check him or her on linkedin and think if you are likely to learn working with that person.