Which of the Twitter tools is the most popular and widely used?

Though there are several Twitter tools, I believe that the truly beneficial ones are the ones that you use daily and that serve you.

I’d start with TweetDeck, which is a real-time monitoring tool for Twitter activity, allowing you to view what’s being said about a specific hashtag, mentions, people, phrases, and so on. It also allows you to see what is being said and what is happening on Twitter at the time.

Tweet Binder is the second option. This tool allows us to assess the effectiveness of a campaign by providing information, such as the number of tweets sent, the most active users, and so on. I’d like to point out that this application has a highly user-friendly interface that is both simple to use and powerful.

Buffer is the third option. It enables you to schedule tweets over a period of time. So, if you can’t be there at a specific moment, you may leave material on Twitter and have those tweets scheduled for a later date and time.