Which of the career options is better – Cyber Security or Full-Stack Developer?

The choice of a career path depends on an individual’s innate personality as well as their interests.
Basis: Protective v/s Productive
Cyber Security –
• Cyber security is protective in the sense that it constantly makes assumptions about any loopholes that might be left. They are constantly evolving and protecting against something that might not take place.
• This field requires expertise, hence, anyone who is employed is most likely to have a stable career.
Full-Stack Developer –
• Full-stack developers need to be well-versed with programming languages and develop non-security web codes to build something productive.
• They are required to develop a working version of the code developed within a limited time and modify further for any bugs present in the system.
• Since, codes require constant modifications according to the latest trends, they have a shorter shelf life, and hence, the job of a web developer tends to be for a short term.