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Which of the career option is better full stack developer or data scientist?

Full stack developer and data scientist are both extremely promising career paths in terms of future prospects, demand as well as the lucrativeness of the opportunity. LinkedIn research (2019) claims that data scientist is the most promising career path with median salary reaching up to $130,000; with a year-on-year growth of >50%. Therefore, from a point of view of demand and career prospects; data scientist is currently leading the pack. br>
Full stack development is also a prospering career focussed on building scalable application which can be deployed on the web & mobile platforms. Therefore, individuals with passion & interest in designing applications, building database solutions etc. should look forward for a career in full stack development.

Data science is primarily rooted to problem solving; and the necessary tools & techniques to find meaningful and actionable insights. Hence, individuals with interest in statistics, mathematics, algorithms, visualization should progress towards seeking a career in data science. Visit the career path section of Board Infinity to understand the intricate details on pursuing a career in either of the two paths.