Which is higher level in Accenture, Partner or Managing Director?


  1. They are, in essence, the same thing. Accenture was founded as a partnership, with the highest level of “owners” referred to as “partners.” The term “partner” was phased out around 2005/6 (as a result of the company becoming a publicly-traded company and no longer being a true partnership) and was replaced by the title “Senior Executive” or “SE.”

  2. Those who had previously held the title Associate Partner mainly were promoted to Senior Managers, while those who had previously held the Full title Partner were promoted to Senior Executives. The former (for example, Senior Executives) were required to hold equity, whereas the latter was not.

  3. During a career laddering/role mapping exercise in 2013, the nomenclature was changed once more, and those with the title Senior Executive were renamed Managing Director, or “MD.” Not to be confused with doctors of medicine.

In any case, this is a lengthy explanation that expands on my previous statement — they’re different names for the same role.