Which is better to work for, JP Morgan or Morgan Stanley?

Morgan Stanley and JP Morgan are both top firms in the respective field. As discussed, if you have job offers from both these companies, you are already in the top layer of the candidates working in the industry.

The answer is very subjective, and it depends on where you want to join, and there are some specific questions you should be asking yourself before making any decision.

However, we are here to make your decision easier by laying out some facts about both the firms below.

Morgan Stanley

  • In the trading world, Morgan Stanley takes an assertive attitude. They are quick to change gears and shift from one task to another. This provides you with a lot of exposure in a positive light. In a short period, you will be working with various systems.

  • MS does not have squads dedicated to specific countries. Teams are in charge of a vertical or horizontal and are responsible for all markets.

  • You will collaborate with one of the world’s most brilliant minds. In just 10 minutes of conversation , you will encounter people who will understand what you have done over the last year and will be able to question the system’s very foundation.

JP Morgan

  • JP Morgan adapts to modern technology and continues to innovate in its context. There are fantastic communities based on various themes to contribute and participate in.

  • Apart from a job, you can start your own business to contribute solutions to society, and this initiative is known as "code for good. "

  • You collaborate with a non-profit organization to solve their problem by developing a software product or co-creating a workshop. This is the activity that allows you to sell your idea and teaches you how to negotiate as an entrepreneur.