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Which is better, Instagram or Facebook?

Which is better, Instagram or Facebook?

Instagram and Facebook both have an end number of users. Instagram and Facebook both are the highest contenders within the list of top social media site. Both social media platforms are free, good and easy to use.

When it comes to choosing between these two platforms few things we need to take into consideration,

  • Where Facebook may be a better platform for advertising one’s products or services,
    Instagram plays an important role in sharing during a sizable amount , media posts within the
    sort of photos and videos.
  • But, Instagram has been a modern and sustained social media platform with variety of updated technological features. and other people prefer more of using Instagram as compared to Facebook.
  • There’s no fun without interacting with other people over social media. You follow people you don’t know because they offer you something.
  • Facebook has been around for much longer than mostly every social networking platform out there, including Instagram. This makes Facebook clearly a dominant player among the social networking community with a way larger consumer reach and active users. Instagram, although rapidly growing, has relatively lesser user database in terms of consumer reach but it’s quite popular among youths.
  • Despite the common goal, they’re two separate social media platforms with different approaches to networking. Facebook is usually a closed-knit community of individuals who know one another, whereas Instagram allows you to build and join communities of individuals who share your common interest like movies, photography, fashion, pets, technology, travel, etc.
  • Brand awareness is that the key to each business which needs you to know your audience supported age, gender, interests, etc. Instagram is right for business targeting younger demographic, whereas Facebook is great for businesses targeting older generation users who have relatively higher spending.
  • Unlike Facebook, Instagram relies heavily on mobility meaning the landing pages should be hundred percent optimized for mobile users in order that advertisers would make the simplest of their online presence on Instagram. a majority of users prefer mobile websites or web versions of Facebook.
  • Studies suggest brand awareness with Instagram is far simpler than it does with Facebook. Average engagement per post is above Facebook, because of all the visually appealing posts. Instagram is unquestionably better at creating brand awareness than Facebook.

Using both platforms at the same time creates a higher possibility of success.
So, I might suggest you employ Facebook and Instagram together.
Due to social media nature, they need some common attributes that look similar. With Like, Comment & Share feature, you’ll keep connected together with your loved ones.
Afterall, It totally depends on the need of the user.