Which is better between TCS and Accenture for career growth and salary?

  1. Please do not generalize entire businesses. In either company, you will work in a specific domain, on particular projects, for specific clients, with a specific group of people, and in one specific period. Most of these elements are assigned at random, but they will have the most significant impact on your experience at either firm. What you do with that knowledge is a different story.

  2. Both businesses are equally good. Accenture, in my opinion, has outstanding projects where you can get many opportunities to showcase your skills, whereas TCS requires you to be very selective in choosing your projects. TCS and Accenture pay scales for ASEs are nearly identical, with only a minor difference in BPS.

  3. Both are the same for freshers, but Accenture offers a higher salary increase. However, you must work significantly more hours in the company. TCS is a little lax in terms of work; I’ve seen freshers go without a job for a year. On-site work depends entirely on the project at hand, and a bit of luck is required.