Which is better, Accenture or Infosys?

The following post is from the perspective of a candidate selected for both companies who had faced a similar dilemma. The thinking process might be subjective, but please try to find relevance in the post that best suits you.

I experienced the same problem. Therefore I will explain my situation and thought process. See, you need to be clear about your priorities and what you want from the firm.

I came from an electronics and communication background and had no formal training in computer science or engineering (Coding and stuff).

I have two parameters in my mind while comparing these two giants. That is as follows:


My goals were clear: I wanted to establish a strong foundation before moving into the Production Unit. That is to say, for me, the most significant aspect of obtaining the abilities required in the IT sector was the Training Period .

After reviewing the work cultures of both businesses, it was clear that Infosys had considerably superior training facilities than Accenture.

Aside from the WORLD-CLASS Training Curriculum, you can learn more about Infosys Mysore for System Engineer Trainees by searching for “life at Infosys Mysore for System Engineer Trainees.”

These are things I would not have gotten if I had gone to Accenture.

In conclusion, Training at Infosys is far better than at Accenture.


Both firms have in common that you will not be able to choose your Stream. If you intended to work in the development domain but were assigned to the IMS (Infrastructure Management Systems) support stream, you would most likely end up as a System Administrator.

It is also possible that it happens the other way around.

As a result, the projects you will be given in the production unit are likely to be related to the Stream you were given during your Training. You do, however, have the option of changing your domains.


Both companies are excellent places to begin your career; you will be offered several opportunities to express yourself and develop your abilities, but you must have the ability to recognize those possibilities).

INFOSYS worked better for me; however, this may not be the case for you.