Which is better, Accenture or HCL?

1.) PACKAGE: For freshers and staff with some experience, Accenture offers better packages than HCL, i.e., the income you receive after all deductions is higher here. They transmute their gifts for incipient recruits every year, and some of my friends received those revised packages because they joined later than those who joined earlier (2-3 months). Compared to HCL, the Accenture team gets far better raises every year.

2.) VOCATION MAGNIFICATION: I have auricularly discerned of many guys expeditiously ascending through the ranks because they were aptitudinal and hardworking, so your reasonable efforts will be better rewarded here than at HCL, where your efforts will be considered, but the number of years you have been with the company will withal be taken into account. As a result, it is a little standardized(akin to virtually all Indian MNC’s).

3.) WORK CULTURE: Accenture’s work culture is superior because it is a non-Indian multinational corporation, and they take into account other activities outside of work. I am not verbalizing it is consummately missing in HCL, but the former provides far more inspiration than the latter. They are inclined to spend a little extra on employee regalements, such as outings and amenities. According to what I have perceived, the bus accommodation is accessible here.

4.) PREMIUM: some of my friends told me that they do not settle for lower bids for projects; instead, they provide a high-quality product with premium pricing, and the same is veritable for their employees; they do not give them little gifts, and they maintain quality, which is not always the case in Indian MNCs, where the mentality is to get the most out of everything.

5.) PROJECTS: I believe Accenture has several projects and technologies in high demand in the industry. Again, it’s not that HCL does not retain them, but I am claiming that the former has more and better ones in contrast.