Which is a better job option, Capgemini or LTI?

The following answer is from the perspective of a candidate who had applied for both the companies, and he is sharing the experience of his friends:

Common Points

The following points are common in both the companies:

  • They are all service-based businesses, which means they primarily provide IT and consulting services to other companies.
  • They all include onsite opportunities, which means you’ll be sent to the client’s location based on your project and experience.
  • The workload is determined by deadlines; the closer the deadline, the more work is required.
  • There may be no work for months at a period, which can be detrimental to persons just starting out in their professions.
  • Salaries and perks, as well as the work culture, are all comparable.
  • Getting into good projects is often a matter of luck and office politics. The shift times are the same.
  • You’ll primarily be working with obsolete technology that offers little to no benefit.

L&T Infotech

The following points are exclusive to LTI and its USP:

  • There is less bossing with a horizontal hierarchy.
  • Medical insurance is insufficient to cover a significant health problem.
  • People with more than 4–4 years of experience are more likely to be offered onsite possibilities.
  • Most delivery managers deceive you into believing that the project work is good, but in reality, it is only the support work.
  • There are some excellent projects, but admission to them is only attainable if you are incredibly fortunate.
  • Freshers are frequently treated with suspicion by HR.
  • Employees have access to many free online courses, which can be beneficial to those who wish to self-learn new technologies. Two years of service for 2 lakh INR is simply too much.


  • Because it is a French company, the work culture will differ from the other companies you mentioned.
  • It excels in consulting rather than IT services.
  • The onsite opportunities are excellent.

Based on the above comparisons you can select which company is better for you.