Which courses to choose after 12th to become a front-end developer?

A career in web development can be launched by enrolling in various full-time and certification courses.

The following is a list of bachelor’s degree courses that students can take to get a head start in the field of Web development:

Bachelors of Technology in Computer Science

People can become web developers in various ways in this age of the internet, but they can choose to engineer if they want a formal degree.

Many technology-related courses will be taught in engineering.

Students will study web development, digital systems, and artificial intelligence during the four years.

One might choose their domain based on their interests and career goals.

For example, they can work as a web developer, software designer, or software developer.

Bachelor of Science in Information Technology

It is organized into six semesters and takes three years to complete.

Through the BSc IT curriculum, students will gain theoretical and practical understanding about storing, processing, and managing secure information utilizing software, databases, and networking.

Passing 10+2 or equivalent examinations from a recognized institution is one of the requirements for BSc admission.

The major part of admissions are made based on candidate’s merit. However, in India, only a few colleges use entrance examinations like NEST, IISER, and GSAT to admit students.

Bachelor of Science in Multimedia and Web Technology

A Bachelor of Science in Multimedia & Web Technology is an undergraduate degree program in Multimedia, Animation, and Gaming.

Multimedia and web technology is the primary disciplines of the Bachelor of Science in Multimedia and Web Technology program.

Courses move to a Bachelor of Science in Multimedia & Web Technology typically take three years to complete. Several institutes, however, may offer it on a part-time basis.