Which company should I join: L&T Infotech or TCS?

The following answer is from the perspective of a current TCS employee who had previously worked at LTI and is comparing his experiences.

When starting a new job as a fresher, the first question is which firm is preferable to join, which would pay me more and provide me with a better learning and performance environment.

  • When we evaluate the companies described above, we have no basis for comparing them.
  • Even as a fresher, I was concerned, but after starting work and checking with my friends who worked in other firms, I discovered it was one and the same.
  • I work for L&T Infotech, which pays me much like my other pals who work for different companies.

According to my personal experience, the training provided to our batch was beneficial in helping me learn new technology.

To my other buddies, I favored LTI training over Accenture training.

Projects and learning technology are assigned solely based on current demand.

Accenture, LTI, TCS, and Infosys are all part of the same band of organizations. It is entirely up to you to decide how you want to perform, learn, and grow.