Which company is better to work for TCS or Infosys?

TCS and Infosys are two of the biggest IT companies In the world. They are among the top recruiters of India. Both TCS and Infosys have certain pros and cons. An overview of that:

TCS does not have an eviction policy for the employees so the job security is high. IF the employees fail the test, then they are sent for a month of training and are not penalized which is a very good thing and it promotes a learning environment. There are a lot of projects available so exposure is high. In contrast to that, there are cons, there is no acquisition of new knowledge as there is a monotonous. The pay is less compared to its counterpart.

Infosys provides decent coding knowledge during its training period. The standard of the training given is better and employees get to learn a lot of things. Infosys has a great workplace culture. In contrast to that, there are some cons time management skills are not proper at the training program and the working hours are long.

The following post is from the perspective of a person who has been employed with both companies in the past, and we will be getting insights from his point of view.

USP (Unique selling points)

TCS and Infosys should primarily be based on the associate’s prior experience. TCS thrives at giving onsite opportunities, while Infosys excels at providing training.

Infosys Advantages

Infosys is a good fit for an associate with less than 5–6 years of experience. There are numerous learning opportunities. The quality of the online and classroom programs is superior.

The frequency with which training is organized is likewise relatively high. If you are severe enough, there is a good chance you will be able to discover an ongoing training program that suits your needs. Cross-skilling and re-skilling are relatively simple.

In general, the Infosys campus is more extensive and better equipped.

Inside the campus, one may pick from various activities such as sports, volleyball, badminton, basketball, tennis, and swimming, as well as gym, yoga, and other activities.

TCS Advantages

TCS is more of a company you want to join if you are looking to settle down in your career. It is without a doubt at the top of the list in delivering onsite opportunities to its employees, particularly if you have more than 6–7 years of experience and an average grasp of your technical topic and communication skills.

TCS’s medical facility is likewise of excellent caliber. This is advantageous if you are married, have children, or have elderly parents to look after.