Which companies in the US offer the most interesting career opportunities for an aspiring product manager?

All of the companies listed below have Bay Area headquarters or large offices in the area and, by my definition (1,000+ employees), are late-stage or other start-ups.

Given your constraints, I’d imagine a PM, PMM, sales management, or business development role at one of these firms could be among the most interesting given what you’ve done in the past and what you’re interested in doing in the future.

• Google - recruit MBAs for PMMs, Sales management, business development, and sometimes PM based on past Computer Science experience

• Zynga - recruit MBAs for PMs and most likely other roles as well

• Facebook - recruit MBAs for sales management roles

• Cisco - recruit MBAs for a variety of roles

• Microsoft - recruit MBAs for a variety of roles

• Groupon - I’m not sure what roles they hire MBAs for, but I’ve heard of a few friends getting sales management offers after graduating from MBA programs.

• LinkedIn - I know there are some MBAs there (PMM & PM roles), but I’m not sure what they’re actively recruiting for right now.