Which companies hire Python developers - freshers in India?

Many product based companies big or small in India hire python developers
Yes, you need a thorough understanding of data structures and algorithms for product-based organizations, and you should be able to develop code to prove it in 25–45 minutes. As you gain expertise, you will need to improve your design and debugging skills.

Languages, platforms, frameworks, and tools are all subject to change. You’re expected to learn them on the fly at product firms, primarily on your own as you implement the ‘most crucial’ feature over the next three weeks. Yes, there will be plenty of resources, but you will not be given enough time to retrain. It’s either swim or sink.

Big companies like

Wipro Technologies ₹ 4,00,000
Infosys ₹ 4,25,742
Tata Consultancy Services ₹ 4,30,837
Tech Mahindra ₹ 5,29,000

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