Where can I find raw data set to practice data analysis in excel?

The collection of raw data to perform data analysis in Excel depends largely on the particular use-case that the student wish to address. For example – in case of any descriptive analysis on economical data such as GDP, growth rates, repo rates, bank rates etc. the relevant governmental statistical websites are the most authentic. Other than that, there are other online sources as well to find data for analysis such as KDnuggets, Machine learning repository by UCI, the 100k datasets from MovieLens, Data mining implementation repository, Kaggle datasets etc.
All of these data can be readily imported to excel for high-end analysis & visualization.
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If you are looking for financial or stock data, you can download stock market data in bulk from Intrinio.

The data is available via CSV and they have Historical Stock Market Data from the last 5, 10 and 50+ years, so the datasets will obviously get larger as you go further back in time. So I would recommend the 50 year US Stock Market dataset for the largest stock dataset.

Intrinio’s Fundamentals datasets are larger than their Historical Stock Market Data. The largest bulk dataset you can download is their 10+ years US Fundamental Data.