Where are you struggling with job hunt? - Data Science roles

Often freshers or juniors after applying for multiple jobs, and despite serious efforts struggle to land a job. It’s quite frustrating, but leaving aside emotions one needs to think through, as to what is not working and then work upon those things.

  1. If not enough recruiters are calling you, probably your resume needs attention. Also pay attention to subtle job roles. Expectations of data scientist vs analyst vs engineer vs ml engineer might be different in different companies and domains. Look at the JD and make sure you are applying for the right role (the Jd should match your capstones or work experience)
  2. If you are interviews are lasting too short, your introduction and projects that you discuss are not of interest to the interviewer. Again, look at the JD and pitch the most relevant project.
  3. If you are answering correctly, yet you are getting rejected, somewhere you are answering trick questions wrongly. It might be that you have missed out understanding of basic concepts. In that case, if this is happening quite frequently, make sure to note interview questions, and irrespective of whether you think you know the answer or not, make sure discuss the answers with your peers.

Pay attention to the specific requirements outlined in the job description. Ensure that your resume aligns with these requirements. Highlight relevant projects and experiences that showcase your skills and capabilities for the specific role. Research industry trends and company culture to tailor your application accordingly.