When to Use Broad, Phrase, or Exact Keyword Match Type for Amazon Ads

When it comes to Amazon Advertising, keyword match types allow you to fine-tune which customer search queries your ads are eligible to show against. [Manual targeting for Sponsored Products and [Sponsored Brands offers broad, phrase, and exact match types — each which have their own use cases. These PPC ad types can have a variety of keywords on all three match types, with bids based on the anticipated impact. High-traffic, high-impact keywords should have higher bids, while broader keywords should be assigned lower bids. Take advantage of automated keyword actions by using a [data-driven optimization solution

[Sponsored Products also offer negative phrase and negative exact match types, which prevent ads from being triggered by a certain search term (word or phrase). When a keyword is selected as negative, the ad will not be shown to consumers searching for that phrase.

Broad Match

With broad match [keywords your ad may appear when a customer’s search term contains all of the keyword terms or their close variants, such as plural forms, acronyms, stemming, abbreviations, and accents. The customer search term can contain keywords or synonyms in any order. Broad match keywords should be used to expand your keyword coverage and increase the reach and exposure of your campaigns.

Phrase Match

With phrase match type, your ad can show when someone searches for your exact keyword, or your exact keyword amongst a sequence of words, making it more restrictive than broad match. Amazon will also show your ad when someone searches for close variations of that exact keyword, or with additional words before or after it.