What would you do to improve the click through rate of your email?

Click through rate is one of the important metrics for measuring email marketing success. There are a few ways by which you can boost your click through rate:

i. Consistency: You should strive for consistency in your website and email. One simple way to do this is by adding a logo in your email.

ii. One Call One Action: While writing an email make only one offer. It is tempting to include multiple calls to action in hopes of getting the subscriber to accept atleast one but that’s not true. In order to get optimal click through rate include one call to action to focus your subscriber taking the call to action.

iii. HTML Buttons: This is one of the easiest ways to get more click through rate. Adding a button with contrasting colours is attractive for users and draws attention.

iv. Email design: Keep your email design simple. Keep the font clear with simple content and clear call to action button.

v. Action oriented words: If you want the subscriber to shop use the word ‘shop’ instead of the common call to action words “click here”. Using specific verbs describe the action you want the subscriber to take. Other words like learn, submit, grab, send, get, start, read are some specific words which influence the subscriber to take a call to action.

vi. Mobile friendly: Make sure your emails are mobile friendly and also your emails are easy to read from any device.

vii. Correct audience: Everyone is different and so are their interests. Send emails based on your subscribers interest.

viii. Create Urgency: By using words like ‘Today or now’ helps to create urgency and makes the subscribers act immediately as everyone has a fear of missing out or loosing something.

ix. Personalization and Curiosity: When one person sees a personalized mail he/she feels it is just written for them and hence ensures that they take the desired call to action. Everyone wants to know what will happen or what they will get if they click on the button. Create curiosity to make people take the call to action.