What would you do in your first 90 days? | PM interview questions

Question’s Purpose
They want to hire somebody that has a plan to create value for the company ASAP vs somebody who doesn’t.

How to Answer
Tell them that you have a rough agenda in mind that looks like this:

  • First 30 days
    Building the right relationships with your co-workers and customers.
    Relationships and alliances are how you influence and get things done as a PM. These will be get-to-know-you coffee meetings, interviews, and so on.
  • Next 30 days
    Problems and priorities.
    Deep dive into the company’s challenges, priorities, customers, and so on. This can involve interviewing the right people, reading up on roadmaps, studying white papers, and so on. This is you getting across the major problems your company is trying to solve and the order of their priority.
  • Next 30 days
    Show value.
    Product manage a small feature, release, initiative or anything you can think of that moves the needle in the right direction for the customer.

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