What will be the training locations for the Wipro freshers?

That is entirely the company’s decision. It is contingent on the availability of training facilities as well as trainers and resources.

Wipro puts a lot of money into educating new employees. Several batches run at the same time both on campus and in an offsite location. As a result, it is dependent on whatever location is available. It may or may not be dependent on the business requirement. You could be taught in Bangalore and then assigned to a project in Pune.

It is dependent on their training sites. In any case, it is mentioned in the offer letter.

It’s difficult to forecast where people will be trained because every firm (particularly MNCs) treats employees and trainees differently. Employees are not disturbed by what happens at the training facility. So, I’m afraid I won’t be able to provide a particular response.

Wipro has offices in almost all of India’s major cities and these all can be probable locations

  1. Bangalore

  2. Chennai

  3. Cochin

  4. Hyderabad

  5. Bhubaneshwar

  6. Pune

  7. Greater Noida

  8. Vishakhapatnam

  9. Mumbai