What will be offered by JP Morgan if i joined as market analyst?

Develop the skills and information necessary to advance your financial services career in any direction.

You’ll join one of our sales, trading, or research teams and start making a difference for clients right away.

You’ll understand the heart of our trading company and acquire market expertise by cooperating across sales, trading, and research.


You’ll focus on developing advanced mathematical models and cutting-edge procedures in our sales and trading departments.

You’ll develop innovative goods and ways to employ technology to benefit the firm and our clients.

By analyzing firms and marketplaces in research , you’ll be able to influence important decisions regarding our operations and investments.

You’ll assist with significant transactions and offer suggestions directly to large institutional clients.


You’ll begin with six to seven weeks of training with your international coworkers.

We’ll assist you in passing licensing exams and providing you with all of the technical skills required for your position.

Through senior speaker series, events, and other activities, we’ll also help you hone your soft skills and begin to build your global network.

Our comprehensive continuing education program will ensure that you continually learn, improve, and gain new abilities, allowing you to advance your career in whatever path you choose.

Career prospects

Analysts who are dedicated to their work will be promoted to associate.

You’ll also receive the core information you’ll need to advance in the company or take a job in a different region.