What type of programming language do you prefer?

I’ve managed to use, at some level or another, programming languages that are quite different. Some languages I’ve used include Pascal, COBOL, BASIC, Scheme, VB. NET, C#, Perl, JavaScript, SQL, VBA, and Java.

Along the way, I’ve come to appreciate different aspects of each language (although I must admit, I struggled to find much to like about some of them). Some languages are object-oriented; some are procedural; some are functional; and a few are declarative. Most are compiled (and strongly typed) languages; some are interpreted (with a combination of strong typing, dynamic typing, and duck typing); and so on.

Tell us in the forums what type of programming language you prefer. And, let’s not make this a “my language is better than yours” discussion, but rather focus on what kind of languages we prefer.

It depends upon the project and requirements , of course.

If it’s a tiny little bit of non-graphic code, I’ll probably use bash shell script

and Linux toolkit (command line) utilities.

For small-to-medium sized non-embedded projects, where super-fast performance isn’t vital, Python is my go-to. My Swiss Army programming toolkit. The same applies if I’m programming within Amazon Web Services, unless I have no choice but to use some form of JavaScript.

Large-scale, performant or embedded projects? C++ or perhaps C. Yes, you can use C++ for embedded—but without heap memory, and being very conservative about your language choices. It’s excellent for abstracting interfaces, and maintaining clarity in a burgeoning project, which is why I like it. Unfortunately, its string manipulation is pretty abysmal—particularly if you can’t use heap.

Oh, and if I’m programming Android, then the obvious choice is Java. A bit of a cumbersome behemoth, but it’s still the best (and frankly only sensible) option for most Android applications.