What type of emails would you send to move a customer down the funnel? Answer:

With this question the interviewer is allowing you to demonstrate your email marketing knowledge. The candidate should be able to answer this question with naming a few types of emails.

Here is the list of the types of email:

i. Transactional Email: When a transaction takes place this type of email is sent. Here an email is sent to the customer after he completes a required action. This type of email has a high click through rate as they are specific and contain important information such as confirmation.

ii. Newsletter Email: This type of email is sent on a regular interval to inform the customer about the brand. This helps in building a regular communication.

iii. Lead conversion Email: This email is sent when you want a subscriber to become your customer. In this type you can either send a mail of updates or send updates about the products. These type of email receive a good response than the other mails.

iv. Dedicated Email: These mails are dedicated on one topic. The topic could be an announcement, information about a new product or service or to tell people about an event. They are also easy to set and have a strong call to action.

v. Digest Email: These emails are easy to send and can be automated and scheduled to be sent on regular basis. These emails are smaller than Newsletter email.

vi. Anniversary Email: Anniversary mails offer a personal connect with the subscribers. It could be the subscriber’s birthday or the company’s birthday. This type of mail improves engagement and helps to grow trust in the brand. The open rates for anniversary mails are three times higher than other email and also they are easy to set.

vii. Welcome Email: When someone subscribes to an email list, he or she should receive a ‘Welcome mail’. Here the customer knows that you are going to email him/her. It confirms their subscription