What technologies should one know in a Cyber Security field?

  • Ethical Hacking skills - You’ll need to know how to “ethically hack” to secure your company from cyber-attacks. You’ll need to develop hacking skills to comprehend how a system could be hacked and come up with an efficient solution.
  • Cloud Security – Organizations demand security professionals who are cloud-savvy.
  • Blockchain Security – An evolving technology that will most likely become a stepping stone for all security systems. In order to destroy or corrupt a blockchain, the data has to be destroyed in the global network.
  • Artificial Intelligence – Artificial intelligence will facilitate experts to understand the cyber environment and identify unusual activities by automating processes.
  • Programming languages - Any cybersecurity expert must have a fundamental understanding of programming languages such as Java, PHP, C, or C++. They will be able to detect the likelihood of system attacks and design concrete counter-measures as a result of their programming language knowledge.