What technologies should an Artificial Intelligence Candidate know?

These are the following technologies that you should know:

  1. Artificial Intelligence: Since it performs human like tasks, the field is full of possibilities. It is important and more than that, imperative for a candidate to know about this discipline thoroughly.
  2. Machine learning: It is a branch of AI which primarily deals in identifying patterns and perform data analysis that automated analytical model building. This specific subset become more important with specific roles.
  3. Deep Learning: A type of Machine Learning that again deals with performing human tasks. This requires layers of processing.
  4. Natural Language Processing: This is a branch of artificial intelligence that again deals with human behaviour and understands and interprets this behaviour at large.
  5. Computer Vision: Computer vision is another branch of Artificial intelligence that is involved with training the computer to understand and interpret the visual world like recognising faces or live cricket matches.