What specializations are available for UX designers?

UX design is a rapidly expanding discipline with several opportunities to specialize and diversify. So, what additional job titles do UX designers acquire? Let us investigate.

UX designer

Written content is an important element of the entire user experience, and just like the rest of the visual touchpoints, the words on the product interface must be created as well! Dedicated UX writers are in high demand, and if you want to mix copywriting with UX, this is an brilliant career path to pursue. This will teach you all you must to know about what a UX writer does.

voice designer

By 2025, the worldwide voice and speech recognition business is expected to be valued $31.82 billion, which means voice designers will be in great demand! UX concepts are used by voice designers to build user-friendly interactions using speech technologies. They do research, develop personas and placeonas, establish information architecture, and construct user flows, scripts, and dialogues. More information about the role of the voice designer may be found here.

UX developer

Designers and developers have traditionally been divided into two categories. However, an increasing number of designers are opting to learn some frontend coding abilities and work as so-called UX developers. A UX developer is best defined as part-designer, part-developer, with some graphic design talents thrown in for good measure.

Designer of UX/UI

In the last course, we discussed the differences between UX and UI design: UX design is related with how the user relates with the product overall, whereas UI is concerned with the visual, interactive parts. Still, it’s unusual for UX designers to learn UI design abilities, and vice versa—you’ll note that many organisations post job openings for both UX and UI designers.