This is your opportunity to test the prospective employee’s genuine interest in your company by assessing how closely they read the original posting.

Some will paper the industry in resumes during a job search. You can’t blame folks for being desperate, but a desperate willingness to work anywhere does not a dedicated, passionate employee make.

Check to see how closely they describe their skills in comparison to the skills asked for in the posting.
A sequence of questions involving previous experience and industry-specific hard skills are thrown at candidates during a job interview.

These inquiries distinguish which applicants have the necessary background knowledge to do the job, but don’t expect that to be the extent of the discussion. An interviewer is keen to find out more details about a candidate’s transferable skills as well.

Transferable skills are qualities that a candidate could take to relatively any position or field, and the characteristics would still make them a stronger employee. These are also commonly referred to as soft skills.

To gather information about transferable abilities, a hiring manager usually asks what skills you can bring to the job. The candidate’s response further illuminates what kind of employee they’ll be and their professional strengths beyond their technical capabilities.

Answering well requires proper preparation and an understanding of how to talk about your positive transferable attributes