What Should You Do If Your Website Has Links From PBNs?

If you believe that your site has links from a PBN or other low-quality sources for that matter, it’s good practice to spend time cleaning these up.

First things first, you’ll want to identify any unnatural link, and you can do so using the SEMrush

Specifically, you can select specific toxic markers to analyze your site’s link profile against, including ones that typically signal a link network.
However, it makes sense to audit your link profile based on wider markers, too, including those deemed to be manipulative or from a harmful environment. You can use [our guide on backlink analysisto learn more about backlink auditing and how to identify toxic links.

Then, you need to clean up links deemed to be low quality, harmful, or from private blog networks, either through link removal or by adding the links to a disavow file.

Overall, using private blog networks isn’t a link building tactic that we recommend or endorse.

You should be using techniques to earn links editorially that position your brand as leaders in your space, come from sites that your audience is reading, and also send referral traffic. The risks that come with using PBNs aren’t worth taking.
I hope you find this information helpful…see you on the next topic