What Should learn frontend or backend development – or both?

If you’re keen to learn web development but aren’t sure whether to go down the frontend or backend route, it’s important to consider the day-to-day tasks of each. If you like the idea of working with visual designs and bringing them to life, creating a first-class user experience, then you’ll probably enjoy working in the front end.

If you enjoy working with data, figuring out algorithms, and coming up with ways to optimize complex systems, you might prefer to work as a backend developer.

So, web designers are concerned with design: the look and feel of the website, how it’s laid out, and what buttons and touchpoints the user experiences. Frontend developers are concerned with functionality; the engineering that transforms these designs into a live, interactive website.

However, the distinction between frontend and backend is not always so clear-cut. Some developers are proficient in both the frontend and backend; these are what’s known as
Now you hopefully have a good idea of the differences between the frontend and backend, and how they work together to create functional, user-friendly websites. To learn more about becoming a web developer, ). And if you’re eager to get coding right away, I highly recommend you watch the video tutorial below with frontend developer Abhishek. Follow along and in the space of just five tutorials and a few hours, you’ll have built your very first website!